You can't always get what you want…


You can't always get what you want…

You can't always get what you want…

Sure you remember this Rolling Stones song. Sometimes – and we deliberately say sometimes – you don't end up getting exactly what you imagined, what you absolutely wanted. However, sometimes you would do well to rely on people with appropriate experience. To get convinced – not to get persuaded.

The right park is decisive

But who we are to decide what's good for you? We are aquafun – the specialists for profitable, inflatable, floating water parks. We love what we do and not just since yesterday. It is beneficial to rely on experts. Because years of experience in the design and operation of aquafunparks have left their traces at aquafun. Positive traces that we would like to show you with great pleasure.

The basis for the success of running a water park is and remains the choice of the right park for this location. The right size, the right capacity, the right combination of elements – tailored to your target group, your leisure facility. It is not of decisive importance whether you really want to have the Monkey Jungle in the park or rather a Triple Walk – because you personally like this very much. In other words: the individual elements are only a means to an end. In the end, the overall picture of the park and the “flow”, as the saying goes, are decisive. If both are consistent, then your visitors will have fun, talk about it and keep coming back.

Wait or do

Of course, the right marketing also helps. We know operators who do nothing but sit in a deck chair, hold up their hands open and wait for someone to put € 10 in, to have fun on the water park. You can do like that – it's also a philosophy. But you don't have to. It is not for nothing when planning a project that we especially ask for the reason, for your goal, to invest in such an attraction. Making profit, is of course the most common answer. Well, as already mentioned, this requires choosing the right park AND the right marketing. You can rely on our marketing support when you make your decision for an aquafunpark. You can benefit already from the right to use the name of a globally successful brand. aquafun already has everything you want to offer in its name: water and fun.

More or less

Of course, it may happen that the investment finally turns out to be higher than your intended budget. Precisely in this point we are always totally open. We never recommend a park with a clear conscience just to fit your budget. With an aquafunpark for 30 people at a lake with a daily capacity of 3000 guests, you simply do not lure anyone from their sun lounger – and certainly not from outside to visit your location. Because with a park like this in this location no word gets around, nobody recommends it. So you may have invested little – but in the end, no success at all. And don't you want that…? Long-term, right? With a well planed depreciation over 3 or even 5 years. To do so, a park has to “survive” that long. Something that can be doubted with many “cheap factory direct sales”. In this business, too, one thing is certain: if you buy cheap, you end up paying more.

aquafun is there for you as a partner. Yes, we consider you a partner. For a collaboration based on trust and success. Your success is our success. And that's the only thing we keep in mind for every single and individual project proposal. Because for us, there is nothing better than the success that proves us right…

An article by Ingo Popp

© 2021 aquafun

February 4, 2021

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