Against the wind  – Avalanche vs. Tornado


Against the wind – Avalanche vs. Tornado

Against the wind  – Avalanche vs. Tornado

How much wind can an aquafunpark actually withstand? Do we need a speed limit for winds? How long does it take for all ropes to break? Can sunbeds swim and parasols fly? Some of these questions were recently answered one day in June within 90 seconds…

When the wind spins

When the wind spins very fast around its own axis and moves in circles over land and water, it is called a tornado. You've heard of it - but you think only in the USA? Well, ask the team and the visitors at PINTA BEACH in Frankfurt, Germany. They'll tell you something completely different…

(Not) gone with the wind

After 90 seconds everything was calm again. Just as suddenly as it had started. A proof of how important it can be, as an operator of an inflatable, floating aquafunpark, to always keep an eye on the weather and especially wind forecasts, to follow aquafun's recommendations and overall to invest in a quality well manufactured product from the very beginning.

It's not a big surprise that the 5.5 m high and fully inflated Avalanche was sidelined by the tornado. After all, it offers a huge surface for any kind of wind. The fact that all the anchor plates on the element held is no surprise. It also shows the quality of the elements. Some of the ropes used were torn, some knots had opened. Thanks to the solid workmanship and the strong material the entire aquafunpark showed itself to be very “resilient” and survived this tornado almost unscathed. Which was very reassuring for the operator…

As Marco Wittek, operations manager at PINTA BEACH, said to aquafun – directly after the storm: “The Avalanche can also withstand a tornado. You can include that in the TUV report.”

Many thanks to Marco, who never loses his good mood even after such chaos. We send the team at PINTA BEACH lots of strength and patience for the clean-up work.

Against the wind  – Avalanche vs. Tornado
Against the wind  – Avalanche vs. Tornado


Just a few days ago, the OCEAN LINE Avalanche was launched here at PINTA BEACH. The launch of the newest attraction at the Raunheimer Waldsee and the first mega slide of its kind in Germany was followed live on video by the aquafun crew.

An article by Hannah Nieta

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July 4, 2023

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