Canada is known for adventure. We started a new one to “conquer” the country.


Canada is known for adventure. We started a new one to “conquer” the country.

Canada is known for adventure. We started a new one to “conquer” the country.

Canada – land of the Grizzlies, endless forests, thousands of lakes… wait a minute: lakes? Yeah, many places to install aquafunparks. Even when the summer season seems to be very short here. After the first months of cooperation I’ve spoken to Gino, Co-Owner of PROLUDIK and new partner of aquafun.

Canada is known for adventure. We started a new one to “conquer” the country.

Gino Vallée – Co-Owner of PROLUDIK Inc. since 1983. At Proludik, they put all their know-how to work to create an event or an attraction that reflects the image of the client. The team is proud to offer unique solutions, inflatable or non-inflatable, robust, quality and creative. Gino's motto: “In life we pay for what we have.”

Hannah: “Hello Gino, it my pleasure to talk to you. A few month ago you’ve started the adventure to establish aquafun in the Canadian market. Do you already regret your decision? No – I’m joking. How was the start? I know, that because of all these Corona travel restrictions, no marketing + sales training could yet been carried out on site…”

Gino: “Everything is going great so far. We have several aquafun parks sold and 2022 will be a stepping-stone for the future. We are still looking forward, to meet Ingo, the CMO of aquafun, here in Canada. So far, we’ve had several skype-meetings and online trainings and we are in constant contact when we have an interested client. And of course, also we have some experience…”

Hannah: “Yes, as far as I know, you’ve got your experience from selling land inflatables, do you?”

Gino: “That's correct. We have 28 years of experience in Canada in the rental and sale of inflatables of all kinds and promotional inflatables. We have a high quality clientele end the best reputation in the market.”

Hannah: “What do think about aquafun’s philosophy, to recommend always “the right park for the right location” – neither the cheapest, nor the largest – I mean, not selling simply from the price list.”

Gino: “This idea, aquafun's philosophy makes absolutely sense. Making an investment in acquiring an aquafunpark should pay off easily within a three-year period. The customers therefore must buy a concept according to their current traffic and that anticipated without falling into the superfluous.”

Hannah: “OK – also, aquafun has a very special way to plan and to present customer projects, right? With webtools and individual websites. How does it work? Do you get this kind of sales support from aquafun’s headquarters?”

Gino: “Yes, aquafun offers sustained support to its distributors and unparalleled service. In addition, the website is well done and we can personalize the presentations to our clients according to the chosen concept. Although we North Americans have a different pace of work than our colleagues in Europe, but we can count on them at all times despite the time difference.”

Hannah: "How the Canadian customers react on this way of project planning and 3D animation – digitally, without any paper?”

Gino: “In general, customers like to work with paper. But with our approach of virtual presentations, the customer is much better served. And in addition, he can get a real idea of ​​his future project.”

Hannah: “How would you describe to your customers the difference between aquafun and other suppliers? And what’s, from your point view, the difference between an “aquafunpark” and conventional water parks or water play?”

Gino: “Quality, Safety and Diversity. We work with respect for our competitors. On the other hand, no other company in our field offers such safe products, with a similar quality of material and workmanship and such a diversity of activity offered in our different modules. aquafun doesn’t design water park just per square meter, just to be large – their parks have real “flow.”

Hannah: “Sounds that you are very familiar and even more very pleased with the marketing concept?

Gino: “The marketing tools offered by aquafun greatly help the work of its distributors around the world. The concept has a vision and follows a clear strategy – so do we…”

Hannah: “Alright Gino, thank you so much for your time and all the insights. I wish you lots of success for your adventure to establish aquafun Canada…”

Canada is known for adventure. We started a new one to “conquer” the country.
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An article by Hannah Nieta

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September 9, 2021

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