Multi Sport

Playful. Entertaining. Winning.

aquafun MULTI SPORT is variety with fun guaranteed in pools, lakes and seas. If you want to change the sport, just swap the sports elements – not the playing field.

Fun in the wet

Whether in leisure facilities, in school sports or for corporate events – aquafun MULTI SPORT inspires. aquafun MULTI SPORT is waterpolo, basketball or volleyball. And sometimes the players even invent their own sports. Enthusiastic teams who want to play can be found quickly. A referee nobody needs. Videos and photos will be shot for unforgettable memories.

Fun in the wet

Multi Sport

The agony of choice

Why not organize a waterpolo tournament, invite to a volleyball championship or give basketball players the opportunity for some dunkings? The interchangeable playing field allows you to quickly change sports in minutes. From volleyball, basketball to water polo and beach football – the aquafun MULTI SPORT set has it all in one sturdy and easily assembled system.

The number of players is only a recommendation for maximum capacity, which gives each player enough “leeway”. 3D animation and 3D views may slightly differ from the original element.

aquafun products are certified by the TUV Germany.