And of course the size is important – or maybe not really...


And of course the size is important – or maybe not really...

And of course the size is important – or maybe not really...

Yes or no? A question that humanity always is willing to discuss in other fields. Size matters. No, not at all – the content is more important. It has to be long. Or rather wide. Or better both? But what's the measure of all things, the measured value of an aquafunpark…?

Big, bigger, the biggest

What exactly defines “size” or the attribute “big” for a water park? The “built-up” area? Or even the entire area within the area designated as a water park - that means also the entire water area within the park's bordering? Sometimes it is like this. There are manufacturers who offer their parks practically per square meter – at least they attach great importance to… size. Which brings us back to our initial question: a 2000 square meter water park. Wow, that's big. Or not? Looks flat. Is that possible? Big and flat. Is that what makes a water playground big?

Height is not everything

Have you ever thought about how big – sorry, how high – 5 m are? The example of the diving tower in the swimming pool makes it clear. There we have the 3 m board and the 5 m platform. Of 100 people who climb up to the 3 m board, 20 turn around fearfully – could we agree on that? What about the 5 m platform? Do we agree on 50/50? That means 50 people who jump down and 50 who have at least weak knees. And the risk, that someone is swimming below while someone is flying down from this height, not yet considered. It is of course up to you whether you want to take this risk in your water park. But it is also clear: just high – as another manufacturer likes to propagate – is also not attractive.

And of course the size is important – or maybe not really...

Different is good

aquafunparks are different. Size is relative, after all, there are two product lines, the JUNIOR LINE and the OCEAN LINE. Both with the right measure for the height of the elements. High enough for great fun – without increasing the risk of accidents. Size is defined by the capacity, that means the number of visitors who can have fun at the same time. Size is measured by the attractiveness for the visitors, they enjoy the large variety of exciting elements and – above all important for you as the operator – by its profitability. You want to make money with your investment, do you…? Therefore, by opting for an aquafunpark you already benefit by the name: water and fun – this is aquafun. Call a spade a spade: It's not just a water park. It's aquafun.

Have Fun

An article by Ingo Popp

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February 28, 2020

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