Game of Prices. Or as we usually like to say: No risk, no fun.


Game of Prices. Or as we usually like to say: No risk, no fun.

Game of Prices. Or as we usually like to say: No risk, no fun.

Imagine the following situation: You are a car salesman (we deliberately take this example because these gentlemen sometimes have such a bad reputation…). A customer comes up to you and asks, “How much is a car?” – Your expression: Priceless.

Game of Prices

This, of course, is familiar to us. Synapses start working immediately. Why does he ask that? Does he want to annoy us? The guy can see well that there are several. But maybe he doesn't know what else to ask… Well, the question of the appropriate air pressure for the elements at temperatures above 30 degrees does not even come to everyone's mind first. Or: “Hello, I'm looking for a water park for a leisure facility with a capacity of 3,000 visitors per day. What do you recommend?” A dream of a question. So we stay positively – anyway. Then WE ask just the right questions.

But this is where the "games" often starts. You don't immediately come out with the price – which price – and the customer is offended. Thinks you are arrogant. “Yes, but I just want to know the price.” Already heard? Of course. Our gut feeling says he's a collector. He collects price lists everywhere, compares and decides in the end for a cheap copy. So you give him a prize and afterwards he is gone? Or do you risk a little more? Ask questions and argue, why it makes sense to learn a bit more from him before we plunge into the price battle. Well, of course it depends on how. Nevertheless, a dose of courage is required. Especially for those who sell high quality and therefore more expensive products.

We lose the “game of prizes” to which the collector wants to tempt us. So why we play it? We can not go that far down to the level of these “factory-direct-sellers”. So much discount does not exist. And if so, then we make ourselves untrustworthy. OK, there are always those clients who prefer to buy a discount number – let's say 60% – more than a high quality product. But are these guys really our customers?

Profitabilty has its price

At aquafun we are hunters. That's why we ask questions. But not because we like to hunt, but in order to be able to offer you, as a future customer, an attraction that is optimally designed for your needs and wishes. An aquafunpark consists of more than area and price. For example, an aquafunpark 95 may be too large or too small for a location. And what is the factor for size anyway? Area? Capacity? Height?

For us it's never a deal to install anything. It is always about to recommend the right thing. Because we are particularly proud of one thing: aquafunparks reach the highest levels of return on investment in the leisure sector. And to keep it that way, we continue to build on our many years of experience in design and operation of aquafunparks. And we rely on information. Your answers to our questions. So you can rely on us…

Have fun

Game of Prices. Or as we usually like to say: No risk, no fun.

An article by Ingo Popp

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December 6, 2019

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