Lockdown, Shutdown, Profit down… we should take countermeasures – now.


Lockdown, Shutdown, Profit down… we should take countermeasures – now.

Lockdown, Shutdown, Profit down… we should take countermeasures – now.

The fight against this corona pandemic costs a lot: energy, nerves and money. And if we believe that the whole thing will continue like this during the summer, we can sit in the armchair, watch and wait. But then we've lost already…

Collateral damages

Yes, this pandemic is causing great damage to the leisure industry right now. Similar to the event industry with theaters, cinemas, concerts. Leisure activities, experiencing adventures, having fun with friends – does this help in fighting the pandemic, is it necessary to stay healthy, is it systemically relevant? My answer is clear: YES!

It may be understandable that operators of leisure facilities, beaches and lakes withhold or postpone their investments. That banks block necessary financing for this market. That governments and municipalities are extremely careful when issuing permits. However: if private operators and those who want to become one are ready to invest, then the public sector should be a bit more generous and open with their support or at least when granting licenses.

Now is the time for “makers”

Do we really want to sit down in the armchair and wait? How long – until after Easter? Until the beginning of summer? Should we really put all our plans on hold? We cannot just start planning after our governments declare the pandemic to be over or suspended. For manufacturers, suppliers and operators of water parks, May would then have to have 90 days in order to be able to cope with all this organizationally. Then everyone suddenly becomes very hectic and operators would like to open next week – June 1st. Because, if people are finally free to go out again, they will probably go where something exciting is offered to them.

At the moment it seems like a certain lethargy is spreading. And maybe even a slight resignation. OK, then 2022… That is understandable, with all that has been rolling towards us for months or is being done to us, is prescribed and restricted. But we are also entrepreneurs. We are responsible for our actions and our success. Even if the conditions and prospects are anything but rosy or certain at the moment. Let's stay positive. Even if positive is rather negative in these times.

Look positively ahead

Thinking positively is allowed. We never just relied on security, did we? That's what banks do – they need collateral, yes. And when they ask whether you have securities, you say jokingly – but confidently: “Yes, I have. I have the security that in spite of everything I will continue to be successful in 2021.”

In this sense, I wish all of us a beautiful summer.

An article by Ingo Popp · MARKETING DIRECTOR

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January 26, 2021

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