Switzerland: It's not only chocolate and cheese – it's also aquafun…


Switzerland: It's not only chocolate and cheese – it's also aquafun…

Switzerland: It's not only chocolate and cheese – it's also aquafun…

Idyllic – or simply dreamlike. This is what it looks like, the Lago di Lugano. On the Swiss side of the lake, at the Lido di Melide, a bit more action is now coming up on the lake. The new floating aquafunpark Melide has recently opened. I met Gianluca Baló from the municipality for an interview…

Switzerland: It's not only chocolate and cheese – it's also aquafun…
Gianluca Baló

He's 44 years old, father of two boys aged 10 and 13, working in the municipality where he lives, on the shores of the Lake Lugano – certainly one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. As a good Swiss, he started his career in a bank until – a few years ago – he realized that getting old in a suit wasn't his goal and that free time and quality of life are priceless.

Hannah: “Ciao Gianluca, what a beautiful place this is. I'm so impressed. Thank you very much for your willingness to answer some questions for our readers. How did the season start by the way?”

Gianluca: “The canton of Ticino is one of the sunniest and warmest places in Switzerland. Therefore the season at our lido starts at the end of May and ends at the beginning of September. The first month of activity went very well, especially thanks to the new water park from aquafun. In fact, compared to last season, in which we had a small Wibit water park for approx. 20 people, we have almost and already tripled the revenue.”

Hannah: “Sounds like a perfect step into the season… One thing makes me wonder: The leisure facility is managed by the municipality, isn't it? That means any change, any investment has to go through the municipal council? Doesn't that make spontaneous business decisions a bit more difficult?”

Gianluca: “Melide is a very innovative municipality. So, when I submitted to the municipal council the proposal to buy the aquafunpark, the first installed in Switzerland, they were immediately enthusiastic. We always try to offer “the best” to our citizens and tourists and fortunately every proposal in this direction does not struggle to be approved.”

Hannah: “That's indeed very positive. Beside the aquafunpark, what other activities do you offer here? Or is it more a place to relax? And, do you charge extra for using the aquafunpark?”

Gianluca: “Our lido offers a beautiful green area with access to the lake, a swimming pool with a slide for children up to 12 years of age, a floating pool in the lake, a bowling alley, a multi-sports field, a small calistenic gym and a large sandbox. Access to the aquafunpark is offered for a hourly fee, with preferential rates for residents.”

Hannah: “You said, in the last years you've had some water play from Wibit here, correct? Why did you change now to a park from aquafun?”

Gianluca: “Yes, we started with a small Wibit park, with five inflatable elements 4 years ago. This year we have decided to replace it with a bigger and more attractive solution. We wanted to create a circle path on the water. We’ve evaluated 3 different suppliers and in the end the aquafunpark was the one that offered the largest number of attractions for the same surface area and great quality. The choice wasn't difficult.”

Hannah: “That's so nice to hear. You are aware that this here is the first aquafunpark in Switzlerland. So what's your experience with aquafun, the people, the service, so far?”

Gianluca: “The provision and service were excellent. We were able to have the new water park inaugurated already at the end of may, when the lido opened to the public. Also of note is the excellent personalized signage that was provided to us. The aquafunpark itself is very popular and not only my children and their friends love it.”

Hannah: “That's for sure is something the aquafun crew likes to hear very much… I know it might be a bit early to ask, but do you already have plans for the next season and would you tell me about it?”

Gianluca: “Every year we try to introduce something new to our lido to make it even more appreciated. However, it is still too early for this evaluation. For the moment, let's enjoy this beautiful JUNIOR LINE park.”

Hannah: “Thank you so much, Gianluca. It was a pleasure to meet you. I wish you all the best for the summer season.”

Switzerland: It's not only chocolate and cheese – it's also aquafun…

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July 7, 2023

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