Sometimes you forget that you can go much further in common than alone


Sometimes you forget that you can go much further in common than alone

Sometimes you forget that you can go much further in common than alone

It is not always easy to correctly assess and use the WE in a business relationship. After all, it is not about “WE do it for you…”, but about a genuine, partnership-based cooperation. But this is rarely practiced these days…

The main idea is cheap

Buyers sometimes only look for the cheapest offer. Sellers often just want to get rid of their products. But what is the real WE in a business relationship? Where does it start? What really works together with the customer and where you have to keep a little more distance as a manufacturer or supplier?

Honesty is the best

Well, first of all, there has to be one thing: honesty. If you do not deal openly with each other, you cannot realize a joint project – let alone a successful one. Both sides must openly put their wishes, ideas and possibilities on the table. Also the financial framework has to be set in advance. Because the longer you talk at cross purposes or assume the wrong assumptions, the less you will find the common denominator. It makes not really sense to offer to a prospect with a budget for a compact aquafunpark 30, this one and alternatively one for 90 visitors – or the other way around.

We… there it is again – we at aquafun have only one goal: to recommend the right aquafunpark for the right location. Not the biggest one – although the question always arises, what exactly is big or what defines the size of a water park? And not the most expensive one. Nobody likes to throw money out the window for unnecessary products that don't bring measurable profit.

Based on trust and success

This aspect in the project planning already defines the basis for later success. Based on a concrete and correct investment amount it makes sense to calculate the return on investment with a proper and individualized aquafun web-tool. Afterwards we will work out a marketing concept for your new investment together with you and let you benefit from our years of experience in the operation of aquafunparks. So that you are successful – maybe that you add some new elements for the next season or that you simply recommend us.

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An article by Ingo Popp

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February 28, 2020

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