The pirates of today are armed with camera and 3D-software


The pirates of today are armed with camera and 3D-software

The pirates of today are armed with camera and 3D-software

The days when pirates boarded merchant ships and swing their swords are fortunately over. But modern product pirates are not less reckless. According to the motto, I do not have any ideas myself, I steal them, quality products getting copied cheekily.

Success and envy

aquafun stands for quality. And quality costs money. But it usually guarantees long-term success. As simple as it sounds, it is so true. Especially with commercially used products - ie products with which you want to earn money. The success of the one always leads to the fact that others save the sometimes long and difficult path of development and simply open a "copy shop". Our innovative ideas and designs are copied time and again by other manufacturers. Some of them even sell individual aquafun elements under our name. Quality of material and workmanship are set to minimum – so it's getting really cheap.

Original and fake

aquafun is a global player and values ​​integrity and security. We are concerned that potential and current customers are being fooled with these illegal and inferior products from various copy manufactures. At first glance, imitations always look similar – of course. On closer inspection you can quickly see what has been saved here. Thin material that leads to instability of the elements. Simple gluing and welding seams, defective grips and unsecured transitions from one element to another with a high risk of injury, metal parts quickly rusting.

For this reason, we fight day by day against these insecure - sometimes even dangerous - pirated copies. Although: a copy is the most honest form of a compliment, they say. Trust in the original, so you will not lose your fun.

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An article by Ingo Popp

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April 1, 2019

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