You realize that you bought cheap (only) when it's getting expensive


You realize that you bought cheap (only) when it's getting expensive

You realize that you bought cheap (only) when it's getting expensive

Let's talk at this point about the fine difference between cheap and inexpensive. Which is well characteristic as the difference between for free and for nothing – as you know...

You want to buy a water park? Then you know, a good negotiation can make an investment more affordable. Badly researched or even deliberately ignored quality aspects, however, make a cheap purchase guaranteed in the end more expensive. Yes, now they say again go for “Made in Germany” – you think so. Not at all. But there are certain things to keep in mind when deciding on a higher priced quality product or the cheap stuff from “where-ever”. We do not want to point our finger at others here. Just to wake you up – maybe provoke a little.

You get what you pay for

Do you really think a product for € 20,000 has the same quality as a product for € 80,000? Are you one of these people who say, most of the time you only pay for the name – it is all the same? Okay, then you do not need to read on.

Do not worry – there is certainly no boring list from the quality management manual of the company aquafun. Although – we have one. You may even like to question whether this is the case with any low-cost producer from the distant “where-ever”. This would certainly be more advantageous than having to realize after a short time that your new inflatable water park already – attention: disappears into thin air.

You really wanted to earn a lot of money with your new water park over the years. You did some investments. In the water park itself, in advertising, in the training of your staff. And then your new, avoidably cheap purchase is flabby after short of time. Precisely for this reason, it is certainly far-sighted to consider ALL parameters before making a purchase decision: material quality and processing, advice and services, safety measures, the attractiveness of the water park and the individual elements. And last but not least, the people you are dealing with at aquafun who support you in your project. Rely on experience, partnership and longevity – not always on discounts.

An article by Ingo Popp

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March 6, 2019

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