Innovation + Experience

it all begins with passion.

Innovation + Experience

orientation at the optimum.

The constant search and implementation of innovative solutions that meet the needs and wishes of our customers and their visitors is our ultimate goal. Every element, every water park and every service is subject to recurring quality controls in search of the optimal solution for your new aquafun water park.

experience? major.

After the different phases from the idea through the design up to the 3D model and the production, all new aquafun products are tested in real scenarios. In doing so, we also count on the practical experience of our partners and customers, who participate in the processes and integrate the new elements into their water parks. Only when this practical test is successfully completed, an element will be released.

Innovation + Experience – Absolutely right

Absolutely right

We always have one goal in our mind: the profitability of your aquafunpark. And what would be more proof of your success than if, after a first profitable season, you enlarge your park…? That's why aquafun always offers the right park – not the largest, the most expensive or the cheapest. And that's why every new customer's project begins in our digital “project planner” – which you can use to help find the perfect park for your location.

Innovation + Experience – Numbers don't lie

Numbers don't lie

That's the motto of ROI. Because ROI is a smart calculator. It does not give you any sample calculation with any standard examples – as other manufacturers do. ROI delivers a concrete result. Based on the investment amount as well as on your individual expenses and planned income. ROI stands for “Return On Investment” – like every aquafun water park. ROI is part of every digital project presentation that you will receive from us as a separate website.

Innovation + Experience – making creativity visible

making creativity visible

You have to have ideas, they say. Similar to an artist. The art of creating extraordinary elements keeps us going day by day. In doing so, we not only use the good feeling of making people happy, but also state-of-the-art technology. 3D models and animations not only make our creative ideas visible. At the same time they show us how the new elements can be seamlessly integrated into existing water parks.

Innovation + Experience – against all influences

against all influences

Concrete- or screw-anchors with saltwater-resistant bungee ropes are an extremely flexible underwater connection system. The ropes keep the water park in place even in strong winds, currents and waves. Even in the harshest weather conditions, this ensures that your aquafun water park does not become independent. And damages are also avoided at the same time.

Innovation + Experience – the air is out

the air is out

At the end of the season, the anchors are easy to dismantle and the entire water park is easy to uninstall. This is even easier if the prescribed maintenance intervals have been strictly followed throughout the year. Then it's time to clean everything, let the air out, store the elements in a dry place and prepare for the next summer. Because after the season is before the season...

Whether a drawing board or a 3D animation – we use every form of creativity. The implementation of our ideas in the development of new elements, on the planning of attractive combinations up to new ways in successful marketing of aquafun water parks drives us forward day by day. Thereby we always think different and out of the box.

we combine innovation and experience.