Cambridge is more than a University City – it's a water world, too…


Cambridge is more than a University City – it's a water world, too…

Cambridge is more than a University City – it's a water world, too…

Cambridge Aqua Park is a perfect combination of wake park and aqua park. Visitors from all over the region are coming to get wet, to have fun and to meet like-minded people. A fantastic marketing, lots of special events and many co-operations make them successful every year.

Cambridge is more than a University City – it's a water world, too…

Ben Hannam and his brother Terry are the owners of Hannam's Wake Hub – the operator of the Cambridge Aqua Park. A System 2.0 cable and a 5 tower Rixen offer something for every wake board fan. The water park from aquafun and a wide range of exciting water activities complete their offerings on the lake.

Hannah: “Hi Ben, it's pretty normal that first of all I have to ask, how was the 2020 season for you guys? I saw that you divided your aquafunpark into different sections or islands?”

Ben: “2020 has been challenging from the start, at the beginning of the season it was clear we were going to have to do things differently. We didn’t rush to open instead waiting for the guidance from the UK aqua park steering group. The guidance was practically unworkable in the traditional sense. So we came up with the ‘Family aqua park experience’, we used 2/3 of our elements and made 3 different parks each with its own picnic area and dock to enter the water. Each park was rented for 2 hours to one family this limited the social distancing measures and park cleaning.”

Hannah: “How did your visitors accept that?”

Ben: “Everyone that visited us had a great time with many returning multiple times to experience each of the different parks.”

Hannah: “I would like to know more about your general concept. A very special combination of wake park and aqua park on the lake. It seems to work well…?”

Ben: “We like to think so! We have grown up with a love for water sports and have worked hard to build a facility where anyone can come and enjoy the water in a fun, safe environment. We have evolved and grown over the last 10 years from a small wake park with 2 straight line cables in the corner of a 20 acre lake to now using all of the lake with a 700 m full cable, 1 straight line and the 1600 sqm aquafun aqua park.”

Hannah: “From time to time we have inquiries from Finland, Sweden and Norway. The weather in England is seldom as warm as in Spain or Italy. Why is your aquafunpark still running so well? Do you heat the water?” (joke)

Ben: “We would love to heat the water but unfortunately, we have to rely on wetsuits. We are open May to September and offer wetsuits free of charge to encourage as many people to wear them as possible even in the summer, as they not only keep you warm in the water but also keep the sun off you on hot days and also add a lot of buoyancy making it easier to swim.”

Hannah: “You do great marketing. I saw your video in which you introduced the facility – very funny. And the graffiti artist, very cool. It's worth it, isn't it? Who has the ideas?”

Ben: “It’s all part of our main mission for the site and that is it should always be fun! So we try to come up with marketing ideas that follow that ethos. The graffiti came about because all of our building onsite are all repurposed shipping containers and portacabins and it started to look like a shipping port but a few cans of paint later and we have bright fun walls which all our customers love taking photos with. The ideas come quite organically, my brother and I sit down with a few beers.”

Hannah: “You have been working with aquafun for several years now. You enlarged the park 1 or 2 times with new elements. Looks like, this partnership works fine…?”

Ben: “We have had a great time working with aquafun, the equipment is amazing from the design to the quality, some of our elements are now 3 years old and they still look like new. We have to say the same about the service. If I have any issues or questions there is always someone to message or call. Thanks aquafun!”

Hannah: “I have to say thank you, Ben. My regards to Terry. And I wish you lots of success for the next years…”

Cambridge is more than a University City – it's a water world, too…

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An article by Hannah Nieta

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December 7, 2020

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