From lockdown 'til sundown. Or also: After summer is before summer.


From lockdown 'til sundown. Or also: After summer is before summer.

From lockdown 'til sundown. Or also: After summer is before summer.

What a summer. And I don't mean the weather by that. Lockdown, travel warnings and loads of other – more or less sensible – restrictions have hit our leisure industry hard. The season in Europe was extremely short. Actually, the motto could only be: survive somehow…

With distance and decency

In order for water parks to be allowed to open at all, the obligation to wear a mask, distance rules and disinfection requirements determined what happened on the beaches and on the water. Of course, restrictions and bans have never been uniformly regulated - neither in Europe, nor nationally nor regionally. Everything was open here, the maximum number of visitors allowed was 40 % of the capacity, there. Elsewhere, water parks - which are known to be on the water – even had to be disinfected every hour…? And yes, in some places licenses were not even issued.

Many operators of water parks and other leisure facilities knew one thing above all this summer: namely that they know nothing. The uncertainty started early and lasted well into summer. Should I really install our water park? Are visitors and tourists even allowed to come? Do we have an acceptable hygiene concept? Will it really pay off? There was hardly any time for proper – especially for planned – marketing around the park.

A back and forth that we as a manufacturer also had to cope with. Order – cancellation – order again – installation now, no, later… Well, yes I think we at aquafun managed it despite everything quite well. Even, if we were led by the nose here and there by transport companies. Or sometimes, when we “pencil sharpeners” ourselves had to work on installations – which, by the way, was a lot of fun in wonderful weather conditions – because our installation crews were not allowed to travel.


The contact with our customers was particularly intense this summer. We noticed worries and problems first hand - tried to provide support and to react unbureaucratic wherever possible. At this point I would like to thank our customers who never give up looking for solutions and are willing to show flexibility. Who see the good and not just the problem in everything.

The big excuse behind it all this summer: COVID-19. A deadly virus – or maybe not. Definitely a reason for the governments around the world to try a few “things”. Also at our expense, of course. But this is just a personal opinion…

So let's look ahead. Some people hope for a vaccine. Others, that “up there”, the intelligence will regain the upper hand over the panic. In any case, we are ready to provide fun and variety on the water again in 2021 with our aquafunparks.

Stay healthy

Ingo Popp


An article by Ingo Popp

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August 20, 2020

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