People always should get to the bottom of the case


People always should get to the bottom of the case

People always should get to the bottom of the case

This is especially true when installing your new aquafunpark. It is not just about discovering hidden treasures, but rather about successfully fighting wind and waves. Because the mistakes you make underwater can no longer be corrected on the water surface…

Experience is a prerequisite

One thing is extremely important when installing a water park: experience. Especially for installations in the open sea, but also in lakes with stronger currents. In addition, the right material must be taken into account when choosing installation accessories. Too few or too light anchors are just as dangerous as wrong ropes or their improper alignment.

It all starts with the anchor plan. The choice of screw or concrete anchors is a question of the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions. The correct number and, above all, the exact placement on the ground is based on experience taking into account the site factors. Very important aspects are the correct arrangement and the alignment of the ropes. These in turn have to be made of the right material, i.e. have appropriate degrees of elongation. Because your aquafunpark should not suddenly be somewhere else because of a strong wind. And the tensile force on the individual anchor plates of the elements must be optimally spread. Of course, the water depth must also be taken into account, too.

Systematic safety

The anchoring system is therefore crucial for the safety of visitors and the water park itself. Our own professional installation service guarantees fastening systems that take all conditions into account – those of the environment and the surroundings as well as of the weather conditions. This and our “Quick Uninstall Plan” – which comes into play in the event of sudden bad weather caprices – prevent possible financial losses.

So never leave the installation of your investment to self-proclaimed experts. aquafun therefore always offers complete turnkey solutions. Because as I said before: what is important is not only what you see above water…

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An article by Ingo Popp

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April 8, 2020

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