Whatever you do – do it thoroughly.


Whatever you do – do it thoroughly.

Whatever you do – do it thoroughly.

Useful tips and hints for the dismantling, cleaning and storage of your aquafunpark. If you take these to heart, you will enjoy your investment again in the season 2021 and you will also ensure that it stays that way for years…

The air is out

The 2020 summer season is drawing to a close. We very much hope that the operation of your aquafunpark – despite the enormous difficulties and restrictions this year – was a little bit profitable. There are a number of important points to keep in mind so that you don't run out of storage next year when you unpack the elements for the 2021 installation. It will be easiest if you choose a couple of dry days to uninstall your park.

Above and under water

You already have a big advantage if the anchors are allowed to remain in the lake or in the sea. That usually depends on the requirements of the municipality.

Uninstall element by element. Attention: when you release the carabiners from the anchor plates of the element, the (hopefully) attached so-called floats with the carabiners usually disappear under the surface of the water. This is, due to the elastic bungee ropes that were used for the installation. Therefore, you should prepare approx. 1-2 m long pieces of rope for each element – attach a ring or carabiner to one end and an appropriately labeled float or a small buoy at the other end. Connect all the ropes and carabiners with which this element was anchored to this ”winter buoy”. This will make the installation next spring much more clear.

However, depending on the body of water, there may be heavy growth of algae and shells on the bungee ropes. In this case, it is better to get the bungees out of the water after the season and swap them for a “normal” rope with a float – as a placeholder – when you disconnect the bungee from the anchor. The advantage of this procedure, damage to the bungee ropes can also be determined. If necessary, this rope should then be replaced for the next season. It is best to clean the bungees with a high-pressure cleaner and hang up to dry. This means more work, but it saves the elastic ropes and extends the service life enormously.

On land

Once you have taken the elements out of the water – please do not drag them over the sand or the meadow – after checking for defects and cracks, start the two most important tasks. Dirt, verdigris and algae as well as possibly shell growth must be completely removed when still inflated. The elements should actually look like new afterwards… You will find a recommendation for appropriate cleaning agents in the manual. NOTE: Please use high-pressure cleaners very carefully and use a rotating nozzle, as this is much more gentle on the material.

Before you let the air out and suck it off, the elements and the velcro connections for the gap cover must be completely dry. Never pack a damp element.

In the hall

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to store the elements in an inflated state – with little air pressure. This would be the best option. The moisture then has nowhere to hide and there are no kinks whatsoever.

The warehouse for the inter storage should be one thing above all else: dry. In addition, you should not stack too many elements on top of each other, as a lot of pressure then exerts on the lower elements for months, which can cause kinks.

You will find further information and instructions in the manual.

An article by Rainer Trachim + Ingo Popp

© 2020 aquafun

August 25, 2020

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